1. All Artwork Formats Friendly

Our pre-press capability is state-of-the-art, varying from A0 class (1194*889mm). We accept all the standard media (Zip, Jaz, CD, DVD or upload to server) and graphics software (QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Photoshop, PDF, Coreldraw etc). We can also help to make the design/artwork from our cooperating Danish, Australian & Chinese mainland designers.
Our most preferred artwork formats would be PDF and Adobe Indesign.

2. Color & DPI Management

European Prepress Defaults are preferred. For solid color, we encourage our clients to use PMS color management for spot color.Please never forget to convert all your photos from RGB or other format into CMYK before you finalize your artworks.
Do not trust the color shown on your monitor screen too much, the data shown in your software and press proof is what you finally will get based on.
350DPI would be necessary for printing. Higher DPI is OK. But too high resolution is meaningless. And lower DPI will make the graphic not clear enough.

3. Fonts and Link Management

We can not ensure that we have all the fonts you use while you are designing your artworks. So you either transfer all the fonts into curves or embed all the fonts with your PDF files, or send to us all your special fonts together with the artworks. Otherwise some of the fonts will be missing during printing.Links of photos are commonly used in some layout designing software. So please do not forget to transfer the links of photos while you transfer the major files.

4. Artwork Transfer

Use a ftp client program to log in on our artwork server at: (please ask your contact person in BJC for a username and password.)
1. Compress your artwork within 10M each and email to us separately.
2. Post to us your CD or DVD.
3. Send me a drop box account and we share synch files. Or else, you give us a link of your artwork in dropbox to download.
4. Send me a link of artwork by "you send it" and then we download it.