Be carefull when printing in China

  • News Source: Updata Time:2013-06-03 News Author:bjcprinting
Have you ever tried to purchase in China? China is more and more like a word for cheap, but you have to be very careful when you choose a supplier. Eg, when you want to find a China book printing, china catalogue printing and magazine printing service supplier, you will find you can always find a cheaper price, do not the be so happy for your bargin skill, you may "got hooked", the general cost for book printing in china should be about same, too high and too low is unnormal,  here is the trick many printers may use:
1.Offer a fair low price and provie very good quality sample etc in the beginning, but once you make deposit they are so wisely give many reason to increase the price! Do not talk mortal to them, it's nonsence.

2.The quality surely will surprice you, but in a bad way. Every business man want more profit, they offer so low price so they must do something on quality to "win" money.

3.The quality could be not bad, the printer still have many other way to obtain more profit, they change parameter and use thinner paper.

Anyway, it's very hard to list them all, be careful.

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